Logan’s baby blessing

“Logan, we bless you with a soft and kind heart, and the capacity to always see the good things in life.” Today was a special Sunday for our little family. In our church, we give a blessing to the babies (baptism is later, when they are at least 8, so they can choose by themselves). This blessing is like a prayer, a group of men go around the baby and one of them says the blessing. My dad, uncle, grandpa and friends were there to be a part of this circle. It was so sweet and powerful to hear my husband blessing our baby boy with so many things. I know God is mindful of the little children, I can still see something divine in Logan’s eyes. I really felt God’s love this morning while Thomas was speaking, I know He is always here with us.

“Logan, nous te bénissons avec un coeur doux et gentil, et la capacité de toujours voir les bonnes choses dans la vie.” Aujourd’hui était un dimanche spécial pour notre petite famille. Dans notre église, nous donnons une bénédiction aux bébés (le baptême est plus tard, quand ils ont au moins 8 ans, afin qu’ils puissent choisir eux-mêmes). Cette bénédiction est comme une prière, un groupe d’hommes forme un cercle autour du bébé et l’un d’eux dit la bénédiction. Mon père, mon oncle, mon grand-père et nos amis étaient là pour faire partie de ce cercle. C’était si doux et si puissant d’entendre mon mari bénir notre petit garçon avec tant de choses. Je sais que Dieu aime ses enfants, je peux encore voir quelque chose de divin dans les yeux de Logan. J’ai vraiment ressenti l’amour de Dieu ce matin pendant que Thomas parlait, et je sais qu’Il est toujours là avec nous.


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  1. J Burgoyne
    May 12, 2018 / 12:46 pm

    Dear Cassie & Thomas,
    Oh how this warmed my heart, to read about Sweet Logan’s Baby blessing! I was out of town and unplugged a few days and when I saw this I am soooooo happy for you both😅😅😅

    What a sweet baby you have, I haven’t even met him yet… and I can tell by his photos and light in his eyes that he is a pure heaven sent gift to you! Love him so much! You both are so amazing! Both having served missions and then marrying in The temple! Then it is only natural for Him to bless you with one of His choice spirits, to love forever! I’m so happy for you both! Can’t wait to meet sweet Logan!!! I’m working hard to pay down my student loans so I can come visit you in a year or so I hope! Til then love on and know you both are loved by me and more loved ones than you can imagine!

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